Leather leggings are such a perfect addition to your wardrobe – they complement so many other pieces that you’ll already have in there, easily introducing a edgier look. Paired with feminine pastel shades and denim jackets for casual girl about town vibes, or try slouchy shirts or a blazer for a dressed up twist on the leather leggings. Now we have our round up of the best leather leggings at everything5pounds.com – they’ll be a wardrobe staple in no time!


Coloured Leggings
While pastel colours don’t work very well as leather leggings, shades of deep wine or navy are the perfect way to inject some colour into your outfit.













Leather Panel Leggings
If you’re not ready to go full-on leather, you can easily dip a toe into this trend by having a leather panel on your much loved black leggings. You could add them subtly, or bring a little more attention to them by adding silver detail.


Full on leather leggings
Of course we couldn’t do a roundup of our favourite leather leggings without mentioning full on faux leather leggings. High waisted leggings can be very flattering, giving the illusion of longer legs, or we could hit on the metallic trend as well (two trends, one price – score!) with our hi-shine bronze leather look leggings. They’re perfect for looking fierce on nights out paired with a glitzy top, or a cute longline shirt for dinner dates with the girls.













Leather + comfy (yes!)
While all of our leggings are comfy (I mean that’s one of the pluses of leggings rather than trousers – yes i will have another slice of cake!), these pairs are the best of both worlds. If you really wanna go full on leather but also want to have the freedom of doing whatever you like, then go for our leather front leggings – super soft material at the back with the look of leather at the front. Go for all plain black, or try a cut out effect with the soft back material showing through.

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