As fun as fashion can be, there are many supposed ‘rules’ to dressing your fine self. But you know how the old saying goes: rules are made to be broken. The fashion world has never shied away from controversy. In fact, it’s an industry that’s always seemed to lean into it, embracing the difference of each new trend and scouring the world for what’s fresh and exciting. So if you’re still worried about staging a fashion rebellion, don’t be. Get some inspiration and get ready to show the best version of the style maverick in you!

Feel Free to ‘Flatter’

The most flattering clothes you can wear are the ones you feel fantastic in. Sure, some folks may not ‘get’ the look you’re going for, but that’s fine. Fashion should always be about the celebration of a person’s beauty and strength, on and off the runway. What makes you comfortable and happy takes precedence over fleeting trends and fast fads!

But no matter what colours or imaginative designs you include in your wardrobe, every style must prepare for constant scrutiny. Pick vintage leaf print shirts to show people just how much of a carefree renegade you can really be.

All White: Always

Across the USA in particular, there’s ‘no white after Labour Day’: the origins of this ‘rule’ are murky at best. Some say it was a practical rule, as clothes get dirty; others suspect that it was more of a class-based/socioeconomic rule. Despite being of indecipherable origin, it seems to be widely known and increasingly followed throughout the world nowadays. But the fact is, white looks phenomenal all year round! All white everything fashion-wise for sure.

To make the most of this light, bright style, think about opting for a mini wrap dress with a lapel front. Such a piece clearly lends itself very well to rebellious fashion, while also looking fabulous down to the last seam.

Power Clashing

A popular form of fashion anarchy is pattern mixing/clashing. It’s pretty satisfying to find the winning formula of scale/colour/proportion and blend unexpected pieces. Unusual clothing combinations (with many idiosyncrasies) are a guaranteed win for the anti-establishment yet still style-conscious individual, although often they can feel a little bit uneasy for first-timers. They don’t always have to be large-scale, bold mixes, though. Try putting two different kinds of stripes together, or a little dot with a slightly bigger one. Or even just going slightly bigger than what you’re normally used to vis-à-vis design. Baby steps, everyone. Baby steps.

The Hat Trick

Whether you have a bad hair day or not, gal, a hat is always the ultimate outfit finisher! Keeping warm might not be the most obvious act of fashion rebellion, but that’s the best part: you’ve got a clean slate for making your alternative statement. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to start a brand-new fashion freedom and grow it well from the very beginning. Who knew hats could be so darn inspirational?!

Cover your head with a quirky, rebellious hat in a fun design – think cat ears or something along those lines – to add an extra eccentric touch to your look!

Chase Them Waterfalls

Nail chic, rebellious styling by wearing a waterfall coat that’s all-occasion appropes. The waterfall coat is an outerwear essential that lets you break all the fashion rules from day to night with ease. Sophisticated and easy to wear, style with your staple animal print trousers for an effortlessly wild look, showcasing the free-spirited side of your nonconformist personality. Don’t go chasing waterfalls? No, seriously, do it!

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