If there’s a time and place for sequins and sparkles, it’s during New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re going all-out (by going out-out) or keeping your celebrations low key, we think you should definitely adopt the mantra ‘more is more’ on the last day of the year (because, why not?). Here are 5 glittering key looks for party season; go for gold and dress like a Queen when ushering in the new year!

The Sequin Disc(o) Dress

Well, we had to start with the obvious, right? Sequins are having a moment, and there’s no better way to embrace the trend than going head-to-toe in them. Sequin dresses are an easy thing to throw on; you don’t even really need to accessorise, save for a pair of heels and your go-to clutch. If you’re planning to spend the evening dancing to as much Donna Summer as is humanly possible (that’s all we’ll be doing!), then this is the dress for you. And if you’re not going anywhere near a dance floor (or disco), well then, it’s still the dress for you – just look at it!

The Metallic Mini

If sequins aren’t your thing, metallics are where it’s at. Warm gold and bronze tones are great at this time of the year; there’s something quintessentially festive about them (plus, they complement the Prosecco!). Make sure your metallic mini dress has long sleeves; it’s cold out, and it’d be a crime to cover up a something so spectacular by wearing a cardigan over the top! Pair with opaque or nude tights and your fiercest heels, then lap up the glory in your LGD (that’s little gold dress, FYI).

The Glitterati Party Trousers

Whether you’ll be partying like an A-lister or just heading to your local for a few drinks, New Year’s Eve is all about making a statement. And what better way to do it than with a pair of glittering trousers? The only downside? You may start to think differently about your jeans; you’ll want to wear party-ready bottoms every day instead.

The High-Shine Bomber

If you’re looking for just a smattering of sparkle, get yourself a metallic bomber jacket. Ideal for giving even the most pared back outfits a little lift, it’ll raise the roof come New Year’s (and every night thereafter). Since it’s not too OTT, you’ll get to wear it during the daytime too. If you’re still not sure about clothes that shimmer, this is the piece to convert you.

The Statement Staple

You’ve probably noticed that we’re just a teensy bit obsessed by sequin cami tops at the moment. But why wouldn’t we be? When it comes to staple partywear, these top the list. Not only are they suitably sparkling, they’re also really easy to style, given that they go with almost anything. Tailored trousers? Check. Skirts? Check. Jeans? Double check. So, if you’re only going to buy one thing for the party season, make it a sequin cami. Seriously. And remember, gold tones are an ideal option for the festivities; like we said before, it’ll match with your Prosecco – a win-win situation if you ask us!

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