Temperatures outside are rising: our summer freckles are making an appearance and it turns out our functioning sweat glands are in full swing. When it’s clammy outside, it can be hard to even think about looking good. Once we’ve stepped outside humidity hits us all like a brick wall. Clothes need to be lighter, shoes need to be comfier so here are some tips to help you stay looking stylish in the sun and to get us through this weather climate.

1. Simplicity

stay stylish in the sun - everything 5 poundsSleeveless T-Shirt Dress | Lace Sheer Detailed Dress

When it’s very hot outside, the last thing you need is layers and complicated accessories. The best thing to do is to keep it very simple. Summer is a great time to embrace minimalistic style and clean lines. Floral prints are always popular, but this simple cut skater style dress in a neutral colour also works. In the evening time if you go out, sheer detailing will make a statement without having to be worn with anything more than a pair of shoes.

2. All In One

stay stylish in the sun - everything 5 pounds 2Aztec Printed Jumpsuit | Nautical Inspired Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are easy in hot weather because the one-piece nature of them means there’s nothing to come un-tucked or require adjusting: just throw it on and be on your merry way. There’s less for you to have to think about when you’re getting dressed and less for you to have to carry around with you.

3. Light Fabrics

stay stylish in the sun - everything 5 pounds 3Bow Printed Skater Dress | Floral Tunic

Go with light fabrics such as cotton; this will allow your skin to breathe. We love the print on this vibrant dress – it’s breathable and light weight. The same goes for this pastel floral tunic. Great to wear with leggings and a pair of bold flats.

4. Loose Clothing

stay stylish in the sun - everything 5 pounds 4Peter Pan Collared Blouse | Necklace Detailed Flared Dress

Summer is all about wearing loose clothes. You don’t want to be wearing anything that’s too tight on your body. This isn’t a good look in summer anyway but tight, restrictive clothing is particularly a no no. Instead go for looser, more flowy fits that won’t chafe. Remember, bodies and feet can swell a little when it’s very warm outside, so consider sizing up if you need to.

5. Safe Shoes

stay stylish in the sun - everything 5 pounds 5Leopard Print Loafers | Floral Embellished Sandals

Make sure in the hotter season you buy shoes that are comfortable with a lot of wiggle room. It goes without saying that open toes and sandals will be cooler and kinder to your feet. If you prefer to keep your toes hidden then keep a trendy pair of loafers in mind. This style will allow your feet to breathe and you’ll still look bang-on-trend.

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