The summer holidays are almost over. Sad times. Especially considering all the effort that went into creating the perfect warm-weather wardrobe – whether picking outfits to wear abroad or dressing for your holiday at home, we’re sure you had it covered. But what’s a girl to do with September fast approaching and a closet full of clothes more beach-worthy than back-to-school? After all, if the first student loan payment of the new academic year has yet to reach your bank account, it can be difficult budgeting enough to get your student style back on track.

The ideal ‘uni look’ is a delicate balance of trends and individual taste, though you’ve got to keep climate in mind at this time of year too. Put simply, student style is all about what’s cool, what’s unique and what’s practical. A little confused? Don’t worry, we can help. Check out our guide to fresh, budget-friendly student dressing and update your wardrobe in time for the new term.

Top of the Class

Whether showcasing effortless elegance or going for something a bit bolder, tops are a staple of every wardrobe. Make an easy-to-wear blouse or shirt the focal point of your outfit by choosing something that’s going to offset your basics perfectly. Of course, at this time of year, it’s a good idea to pick a couple of all-rounders that are going to see you right whilst the weather makes up its mind. Look out for something stylish yet practical, such as a flared tunic top; seamlessly blending smart/casual with sophistication, it looks great and feels comfortable to wear all day long – just what you need for those back-to-back seminars.

Trousers to Pass Any Test

Picking the perfect pair of trousers to complement your new uni look may seem almost secondary to choosing the right top, but in truth, they are of equal importance. It’s no use paying attention to just one element of an outfit – each must be chosen carefully – and when it comes to student styles, dressing to impress is key. So, what do we do about trousers? For the back-to-school season, you’re going to want something simple yet snappy, such as a pair of jeans with a rolled hem. If you want, you can jazz up your jeans by picking a pair with extra detailing like sequins or embroidery; casual and comfy, you’ll stand out for all the right reasons.

First Class Footwear

Normally it’s on nights out that your shoes take centre stage, but when it’s back-to-school time, it’s important to make sure your everyday footwear is first class too. The shoes you wear can make or break and outfit, so you need to choose something that’s going to be both practical and stylish. A pair of detailed plimsolls are super versatile; combining comfort with both vibrancy and flair, they’re perfect for showing off at the student bar after seminars.

It’s in the Bag

No back-to-school outfit could ever be complete without a beautiful bag to show the world just how serious you are about your studies (and your look). Go for something bold but keep it practical size-wise; printed tote bags are stylish, but they’re also usually large enough to carry your laptop and any other uni-related bits and bobs.

Jewellery for the JCR

Picture the scene: You’re in the JCR – that’s Junior Common Room in case you were wondering. You’re wearing some statement jewellery. Someone you’ve seen around but never really spoken to comes over, thinks it’s distinctive, asks you about it. A bit of conversation later and hey presto, you’ve made a friend for life; never underestimate the power of your bling when it comes to new beginnings.

Buying any kind of jewellery is difficult, but what’s trickier is finding a set that not only suits your personal style but also provides the crowning glory to your wardrobe. A pendant necklace and earrings would make the grade here. Let the new – or perhaps it should be New Age – you shine through with nature-inspired accessories.

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