When woolly jumper weather comes around, it can be tricky to stop your outfits from becoming a little monotonous. After all, there’s only so much you can do with knitwear, right? Wrong! Styled in the right way, your jumpers, cardigans, ponchos and gilets can be just as exciting as anything else in your wardrobe. And with our guide at your disposal, there’s no way that you’ll get bored of your knitted basics this season!

The French Tuck

Ever since Queer Eye stylist Tan France coined the term ‘French tuck’ to describe that half-in, half-out tuck we’ve wondered about for years, we can’t get enough of it. Given that the French are perennially chic, its namesake makes total sense; there’s an effortlessness to the FT that’s got Parisienne written all over it. Not only does it give outfits a polished finish, it’s also meant to elongate the body, thereby helping to slim and balance out your silhouette. It’s the perfect trick to adopt for styling your jumpers, since it’ll stop even the chunkiest knit from looking bulky and help to create a more defined shape.

(Fully) Tucked in

When it comes to tucking your knits into your high-waisted separates, you need to think about the weight of the piece. Lightweight or jersey-mix jumpers work best if you’re tucking them in all the way around; choose something chunky and you risk adding some serious bulk to your frame. You can layer a couple of lightweight pieces for extra warmth; a polo neck top works wonders over a crew neck jumper, but that’s about as heavy as you should go with this styling tactic. Get it right though, and you’ll be left with a seriously smart (not to mention cosy) outfit for the new season.

Oversized and Out

Sometimes, the only way to stay warm is to wrap up in something oversized. And the key to styling your big knits? Balance. If your top half is swamped, you should keep your bottom half more streamlined – think skinny jeans, tapered trousers and pencil skirts. Heels are never a bad idea when it comes to balancing out bigger pieces too, though maybe save your over-the-knee boots for a different outfit to avoid looking cartoonish and/or disproportionate. You need to elongate your silhouette from the waist down; a pair of knee-high or ankle boots is a safer bet. Oh, and wear your coat draped nonchalantly over your shoulders (or opt for a cape instead); it’ll stop your jumper from squishing up inside. When wearing something oversized on top, you can afford to add a few more layers underneath, so stave off the chill by throwing on a long-sleeved top or two.

Cute and Cropped

Avoid extra bulk by investing in a few sweet ‘n short jumpers. Cropped knits are perfect for pairing with your favourite high-waisted pieces, though they also work really well thrown over skater dresses that are more voluminous at the hip. In other words, cropped knitwear gives you the option to be creative with your wardrobe (whilst keeping cosy). Chunky cropped jumpers that cut off directly at the waist are a flattering option, since they strip a layer from the hip for a bulk-free finish.

The Waisted Way

If you’re ever in need of a little definition, reach for a belt. This humble accessory has a multitude of uses; its ability to totally transform knitwear is just one of them. If you’ve got a longline cardigan or gilet, adding a skinny waist belt will instantly stop you from drowning – or looking dowdy – in your knits. It may not be the most ground-breaking styling tip, but this tried and tested formula should be every girl’s go-to come winter.

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