England has had its first heatwave so with the sunshine kicking in already, we thought we’d give you some style inspiration.

If you have a special event that’s just around the corner, you’re probably wondering what to wear. Whether or not you have a cocktail date or a wedding we only have one style of dress in mind. Meet the peplum dress, the perfect dress to make you stand out from the crowd. Peplum dresses have unique personalities with extra layers of fabric that sit around your waistline to accentuate your figure.

Whatever your shape, this style will definitely turn heads. Here are 5 ways to style it.

1. Dark Florals

how to style a peplum dress - everything 5 poundsDark Floral Peplum Dress | Vale (Fashion & Cookies)

Dark florals are in this season and this dress is a bargain. Team with elegant jewellery to make the entire look appear more formal. It’s important to not go overboard. Even a simple gold chain can accentuate the dress in a classy way. Avoid wearing gold and silver together and do not mix costume jewellery with gemstones.

2. Little Black Dress

how to style a peplum dress - everything 5 pounds 2Classic Peplum Dress | Comme Des Filles

It’s a known fact that us girls own too many shoes for our own good, but one more pair wouldn’t hurt right? This fashion blogger has taken a simple black peplum dress and teamed it with a pair of tights and some gold toe boots. We love this street style look. This outfit is versatile and can be worn for an afternoon coffee or a night on the town. Notice Comme Des Filles’ statement necklace matching her bag? It’s all about the details.

3. Stripes on White

how to style a peplum dress - everything 5 pounds 3Minimalist Peplum Dress | Cassey Cakes

Who would have thought to team a pure white peplum dress with a nautical inspired blazer? It’s killing two birds with one stone. Nailing both of this season’s favourite trends. If you want to brighten up your basic style, make sure your jacket stands out. Choose navy stripes or a ditsy floral print.

4. Vibrant Prints

how to style a peplum dress - everything 5 pounds 4Vibrant Printed Peplum DressOnyinye Ibeagi

If you’re a girl who’s all about making a first impression, a printed peplum dress is just what you’re after. Find your complementary accessories and the perfect shoes to match. All that is left to do is your hair and make-up. If you are going to a party then leaving your hair down is fine as long as it looks stylish. Your make-up and nails should be subtle and on point. The overall look will make you feel and look beautiful.

5. Classic Prints

how to style a peplum dress - everything 5 pounds 5Dogtooth Print Peplum Dress | Darya Kamalova

Unlike any other kind of dress out there, peplum dresses come in all colours and patterns imaginable. Right now we’re into the dogtooth print. Gain some style inspiration from the effortlessly fashionable Darya Kamalova. You could wear this dress to work to achieve a smart and polished look. Keep jewellery to a minimum with of a couple of statement pieces. Complete your look with a stylish blazer and a fancy handbag. Be sure to have some sunglasses tucked away in your handbag — bring out your inner Audrey Hepburn in the sunshine!

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