After indulging in one mince pie too many over the Christmas holidays, it’s no wonder that the most common New Year’s resolution every year is to exercise more.

When it’s cold and wet outside and the January Blues strike, it can be tricky finding the motivation to go to the gym – but did you know that simply putting on new workout gear can instantly give you a confidence boost, and the motivation to head to the gym? Amazing! So, to help you out, we’ve put together a list of stylish activewear that will inspire you to lace up your trainers and hit the ground running in 2020.

Choose a cute co-ord set

If you’re trying to get your life back together this January, choose a co-ord set to start you off. Wearing a matching set instead of throwing on that pair of ratty leggings and old Tshirt will make you feel more confident in the gym. Before you buy, think about the type of exercise you want to do. If you have dreams of becoming a chilled-out yogi, you’ll want a looser, stretchier kit for that perfect downward dog, while adrenaline junkies who want to get into HIIT should go for breathable fabric and a sports bra with support.

In this cute pink set, you’ll be sure to turn heads on the gym floor:


Treat yourself to new trainers

If your 2020 goal is to run more, the most important piece of kit you’ll need is a good pair of trainers. Trainers support your feet and ankles while you exercise and help to prevent joint problems for your knees, hips and back too. When choosing your pair of trainers, make sure they fit correctly – after all, you don’t want your first trip to the gym to leave you with sprained ankles or sore toes. You could even match your trainers to your gym kit for an all-out matchy-matchy look.

This pink and black pair will keep you on your toes:

Bold and beautiful leggings

There are so many different gym leggings on the market – but why go for plain black or grey when you can choose from floral, geometric and animal print options? Bright colours boost our mood and make us feel more positive, so a colourful gym kit is much more likely to inspire you to leap out of bed in the morning. This cropped pair will have you dreaming of your next summer holiday – that’s motivation enough for us!

Supportive sports bras

Just because sports bras aren’t always on show, that doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable. A good sports bra is key for support and can ward off pesky back and shoulder pain while exercising. Sports bras come in all sorts of shapes, colours and patterns, so go wild and pick something different to your usual style. Don’t be afraid to show off your new kit either – whether that’s on the treadmill, in the weights section, or at that Zumba class you’ve been dying to try out for ages. Go, girl!

To really work up a sweat, match your sports bra to your leggings or shorts – we love this set:

Cool down with a jacket

Before and after exercising, it’s vital to keep your muscles warm to keep aches and pains at bay, so why not invest in a stylish sports jacket for after your workout? Pop on a hoodie, gilet or jacket after exercising to stay cosy – your muscles will thank you for it. This sports fleece jacket is a must-have staple for any gym kit:


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