There are ways you can be comfortable and cute without looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed after having a sleepless night. Being fabulous and fashionable isn’t hard when you have a few perfect staple pieces in your wardrobe. You don’t have to wear high heels or a mini skirt to look like a stylish mum. You can look modest and practical even on a budget.

Invest in these essentials below and give yourself a mummy make-over you truly deserve.

1. The LBD

stylish mum- everything 5 poundsFormal Black Dress | Textured Pleated Dress

Whether you are planning a date night with your husband or having a girls night out at a favourite restaurant, nothing is more essential for night time than a little black dress. They’re elegant, chic and you can dress it up with your best strappy heels. Or you can dress it down with simple statement flats and a fitted blazer. All you need hanging up in your wardrobe is a little black dress. With all the different accessories and jackets that are available, you can create entirely new looks, seven days a week.

2. The Perfect Jeans

stylish mum- everything 5 pounds 2Boot Cut Jeans | Skinny Fit Denim Jeans

By this we don’t mean those ‘mom’ jeans. We’re staying away from any acid wash, ripped or shredded denim. Instead, we’re going for a pair of well fitted slimline jeans, the jeans that will make your behind look more round. They’re flattering and will last you forever. Not just that, they will also feel great and will look good on you. Go for your new fab jeans instead of joggers to run errands and you will look like the fashionista that you are.

3. The Minimalist T-Shirt

stylish mum- everything 5 pounds 3Golden Button Back Blouse | Zip back T-Shirt

Having a couple of plain T-shirts in your wardrobe is  a bonus, and you can never have too many of them. These will go with just about anything. Next time, consider a few quality T-shirts that fit you well and can withstand the activities you do at the weekend. Make sure your next T-shirt buy can be paired with a great blazer or used as a layer under a chic sweater. If you have a play date coming up, don’t forget to dress in style.

4. Statement Shoes

stylish mum- everything 5 pounds 4Metal Embellished Front Slip On Flats | Cut Out Pointed Toe Flats

It’s not about dressing mummsy this season. After all the hard work you’ve done throughout the week, you owe it to yourself to look as amazing as you can. Channel your youthful Alexa Chung look by wearing some style-studded flats. What woman doesn’t love a new pair of shoes? We’ve chosen these two styles above. They’re a style statement on their own and with anything you wear them with. You do not have to buy a ton of new clothing to create the perfect wardrobe. By mixing and matching and using these styling tips, you can add flare to your wardrobe any day you like.

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