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Whether you’re into dressing up for a night out or more into your business attire, there are certain fashion rules that helps you to look your best no matter where you’re going! If you need some tips on how to dress to impress then take you should definitely take note on these 5 fashion rules.

1. Size Does Matter

You need to make sure that all the clothes you buy fit properly! You may not want to get the next size up but wearing clothing that are too tight for you may show of your lumps and bumps and it won’t look so flattering. You also don’t want to do the opposite and wear overly baggy clothes so you need to make sure that you find the happy medium. Just remember not too tight and not too baggy, show of your curves but enhance the best parts of your body.

2. Don’t Show Off to Much at Once

Showing too much cleavage or wearing a dress that is a little too short is only going to bring you negative attention. Dressing so you look classy will not only bring you good attention but you’re way more likely to find that guys are much more interested in you if you look respectable.

3. Dress Your Age

In today’s fashion you’ll find that a lot of clothing stores are focused on the younger generation. Even if it is a shop made for the older generation it’s still hard to find fashionable clothing. It’s easy to stay in style and choose fashion pieces that are suitable for you by incorporating them into your wardrobe element by element.

4. Don’t Spend too Much Money on Fashion

Fashion is a huge industry that is constantly changing, which is why you should never spend loads of money on clothes. Season after season fashion changes and it can be very expensive trying to keep up with the latest trends. Cheap clothing websites such as Everything5Pounds are a great way to look stylish on a budget.

5. Fashion is a Personal Taste

You don’t always have to follow the latest celebrity trends. Sometimes it’s better to wear what you feel comfortable in rather than trying to copy what you see people wearing in magazines. It’s good to stay on top of the latest trends but it’s also important you have you own unique style that shows off the real you.

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