It’s safe to say that a lot of men on the planet do not follow celebrity fashion styles, or should I say they don’t like to admit they do. However there are certain celebrities that have strongly influenced the way men dress, even if they don’t realise that they’re following a craze.

Mens tops, jeans and shoes are essentials in all wardrobes but there are some wackier items of clothing and hairstyles which I’ll be taking a look at the trend-setters of in this post.

Pharrell Williams’ Buffalo Hat


The hat in question first appeared in Vivienne Westwood’s winter 1982-83 collection. It was based on a culture of women who wore hats of this type and danced around with babies tied to their backs. Pharrell first bought his back in 2009, there are pictures of him wearing it in London from around that time. Fast forward to 2014 and the hat was worn to the Grammy Awards. Since then the hat has appeared in his music videos, on numerous red carpets and replicas can be purchased from the likes of Primark, Topman and New Look.

Channing Tatum’s Workman Boots


Ever since being in the public eye, Tatum has been wearing a combination of jeans with big leather boots. The looks has become extremely popular and the style of boot can be seen in most clothing shops. Tatum himself has said that he likes the ‘rough, builder look’.

David Beckham’s Hair


David Beckham has been inspiring the hair of men in England since he was 17 years old. It all started with some very fashionable curtains which then went on to slicked back with a hair band. Since then David has been seen with a Mohawk and a pony tail.

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