Whether you like this trend or not, high-waisted pants are making a comeback. We’ve seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian and the Olsen twins as the most popular high-waisted wearers this season. The secret about high waist pants is that they’re not ‘high-waisted’ at all. So that’s a weight off your shoulders.

They’re only slightly higher than what we’re used to, but they sit at your natural waistline. You might automatically think of high-waisted jeans, but they’re not the only option out there. This trend comes in all sorts — from high-waisted shorts and skirts to trousers. We’ve put together a selection of different ways you can style your very own pair. Are you brave enough to give it a try?

1. The Casual Look

high-waist trousers - Everything 5 PoundsStriped Trousers | Layered Blouse

Team these daring high-waist trousers with a casual chic blouse and you have yourself a very flattering outfit. You don’t have to be supermodel stick thin to pull this off. Vertical black stripes will make you look much slimmer and extremely taller. Plus the best thing about high-waisted trousers is that they flatten out your behind, giving it an amazing shape!

2. Spring/Summer 2015 Look

how to style high waisted shorts - Everything 5 PoundsPastel High-Waisted Shorts | Floral Lace-Up Sneakers

Next up on our list is a brilliant pair of pastel-coloured, high-waisted shorts. These are perfect for summer days or at festivals. They’re also a great idea for bunging in your suitcase if you’re going away. They’re light in material and easy to dress up for evenings out. Why not wear them during the day with sandals or cute sneakers?

3. Daytime Look

polkadot skirt trend - Everything 5 PoundsPolkadot Flare Skirt | Monochrome Blouse

High-waisted flare skirts eliminate the dreaded ‘muffin-tops’. We all want to get rid of those so here’s your chance. High-waisted skirts look better if you tuck a T-shirt or a blouse into them. Go for that chic city-stroller look with a high-waisted polkadot flared skirt. Team it with a stunning chiffon blouse. To finish off the look wear an ultra-cute knitted cardigan.

4. Evening Look

High-waisted skirt with a jumper - Everything 5 PoundsHigh-Waisted Polkadot Midi Skirt | Pastel Cropped Sweater

If you’re worried about making this trend look frumpy, fear not. High-waisted straight skirts are your best bet. They sit nicely on your waistline, make you look slim and extremely stylish. All you need to complete the look is a black cami and a sweet, pastel cropped sweater.

Office Look

office attire - Everything 5 PoundsPrinted High-Waist Skirt | Button Down Shirt

If you want to channel this trend straight into the office on Monday morning, go for it! Style this paisley-printed skirt with a fitted white blouse, plain black tights and some statement flats. Accessorise with a chunky necklace and finish the look off with a stunning Pinterest-esque braid in your hair.

5. Lazy Weekend Look

Casual outfit - Everything 5 PoundsHigh-Waisted Harem Pants | Buttoned Hoodie

If you work 9 till 5, 5 days a week and want to lounge about at the weekend, we suggest you take a look at this next outfit.
Style these ultra-comfortable, high-waisted harem pants with a simple baggy T-shirt. If you want to stay snug whilst relaxing in the comfort of your own living room, this hoodie will definitely do the job.

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