It seems that over the next few months a lot of very famous faces will be here to perform for their fans in stadiums across the UK, from the legendary Paul McCartney at the O2 to Eric Clapton at London’s Royal Albert Hall. If you’ve had your concert tickets booked a while now you’re probably thinking about what you should wear. It doesn’t matter how old you are. You have to take into consideration the pushing, sweat and all the screaming fans that will be surrounding you. Is your concert outdoors or indoors? We will cover both options to be on the safe side.

1. Comfortable Shoes

what to wear to a concert - everything 5 poundsDiamanté Strap Cut Out Sandals | Sequin Embellished Espadrilles

First thing’s first: comfortable shoes. You’ll be doing a lot of moving about on your feet so it’s extremely important you don’t decide to wear those brand new shoes. If you do decide you want to wear them, break them in first. Do all your house work in them, from top to bottom. If you head to an outdoor concert, we suggest skipping the heels and choosing flat, comfy espadrilles or the T-bar style.

2. Medium-Sized Bag

what to wear to a concert - everything 5 pounds 2Metallic Embellished Shoulder Handbag | Racer Check Bowler Bag

Your bag can be a saviour at concerts, especially if they have side compartments. Make sure you take a medium-sized bag to carry your water, any food, camera and all your other essentials. Limit your zippers and outer pockets as you need to keep your goods protected. Your bag needs to be easy to open so you’re able to pull out your concert tickets when needed, without holding up the queues.

3. Statement T-Shirt or Blouse

what to wear to a concert - everything 5 pounds 3Ruffle Sleeved Blouse | Nautical Striped Top

It’s going to get hot at the concert so plan to wear a T-shirt. Go for something that will stand out, yet is comfortable. Stick with spring and summer trends. Try a bold colour such as Cadbury Purple or navy nautical stripes. You could always go with a chiffon blouse as well to keep you feeling cool and fresh.

4. Light Bottoms

what to wear to a concert - everything 5 pounds 4Ali Baba Trousers | Maxi Skirt

If you’re planning on showing off your dance moves, we suggest keeping your bottoms lightweight. You want to be able to wear something on your bottom half that you can easily move around in. Try some slouchy Ali Baba trousers or a stylish, minimalist maxi skirt. Let your legs breathe.

5. Lightweight Jacket

what to wear to a concert - everything 5 pounds 5
Open Front Glitter Jacket | Waterfall Middle Blue Cardigan

Your jacket is only here to do one job and that’s to keep you warm on your way to the concert. No matter where you are in the UK, bringing a jacket is always a good idea. You will need to be able to leave it on your chair as you watch the concert or you can tie it around your waist. This season stick to open-front styles without any fussy details or buttons.

6. Statement Accessories

what to wear to a concert - everything 5 pounds 6Vibrant Square Dial Watch | Layered Metal Necklace

Don’t be afraid to go full-out with the accessories. Take sunglasses with you (if the concert is outdoors), and wear a straw hat and some bling around your wrist. Most jewellery will go with any outfit you choose to wear. These pieces above are versatile and easy to wear indoors and outdoors.

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