One of the world’s most famous fashion events is just around the corner, and things are hotting up ahead of the big day. London Fashion Week will be taking place between 14th – 18th February and is expected to draw crowds of thousands of excited fashion fans. The week is well-known for producing some of the wackiest, most out-there outfits, and we’re sure this year is going to be no exception. So, if you’re planning to attend we’re here to help you out with our suggestions on what to wear. 


Be true to your own style

The most important thing when it comes to dressing for London Fashion Week is to stay true to your own personal style of dressing. Fashion Week celebrates the individual; whether you’re a sharp tailored trouser suit kinda gal, or you your go-to look is a cocktail dress and a giant fluffy yellow coat. Whatever you choose to wear, try to use your outfit to express your character and your unique personality that makes you, well – you!

Take care of your feet

London Fashion Week keeps you on your toes – quite literally. Expect plenty of standing in queues, walking around the city and pushing through crowds. Stilettos therefore might not be such a good idea. Instead, keep your feet comfy in a pair of stylish flats – the London fashion crowd loves chunky trainers in bold clashing colours. However, if you live and die for your heeled shoes, a heeled brogue or loafer is a good midway point. Plus, use our sneaky style tip and keep a pair of pumps in your handbag to whip out when your feet get tired.


These trainers are definitely catwalk-worthy:

Expect the unexpected

Clashing prints, colours and fabric truly come into their own at London Fashion Week – the brighter and more daring the better. Keep everyone guessing by mixing velvet skirts with chiffon tops, corduroy trousers with satin blouses, and stripy dresses with polka dots. Floaty tea dresses look fab with stompy boots, and you can give a denim boiler suit the edge by pairing it with 5-inch stilettos. Let’s be honest, what other time of year are you allowed to be this flamboyant? 


Tropical print is everywhere this season:

These cute pin-stripe trousers come in a variety of fun colours:

Brighter is better

This year, stand out from the crowd in bold and beautiful colours, and don’t be afraid to create new colour palettes. Neon green is very on-trend this season, as well as bright yellows and oranges. If you’re brave enough to go all-out, wear the same colour all over in different shades. This works particularly well with reds and pinks. 

Make them scarlet with envy in this knockout red dress:

Be prepared for wet weather

Despite all the bright colours you’ll see around the city, London is still London – so be prepared for the worst and carry a coat with you in case of wet weather. Trench coats are everywhere this season and look great worn over any outfit, while macs are lightweight and easy to slip into a tote or a rucksack. It’s also a great idea to pop a small umbrella in your Fashion Week bag for those inevitable sudden downpours. 


Work your inner big cat with this green coat:


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