People often dismiss midi dresses, they think they’re way out of fashion and rather a bit too frumpy. We’re here to change this and to show you how to style a midi dress to make you look like you’ve just stepped off the runway. Ever since the midi dress came back into fashion a couple of years ago, some of even the best fashionistas around are still searching for the answer. There are so many questions that go unexplained, such as ‘what shoes do I wear with a midi dress?’, ‘What about the length of the jacket to wear with it?’ So we’ve put together our favourite picks and some tips that will see you through S/S’15 looking your best.

how to wear a midi dress - everything 5 poundsSatin Midi Dress | Strappy Cuban Heels

The first thing to do is scope out a midi dress that you have your eyes on, check out how tall the model is wearing the dress, then you can compare what it will look like on yourself before you make an order. If you’re taller than the model wearing it, chances are – it won’t be a midi dress at all. Always take height into consideration when choosing this style. Our first firm favourite is this classic ivory style, with intricate detailing – accessorise this dress with a gold necklace and a pair of sassy cuban heels for that added edge.

how to wear a midi dress - everything 5 pounds 2Black Midi Dress | Perspex Block Heels

By their nature, midi dresses will have a tendency to make you look shorter and stumpier: they cut across the leg at its widest part, and this is the reason so many people find them very unflattering. To avoid this, you’re going to need to do what you can to make your legs look much longer, and that means heels. Take a look at these bad boys for a night out with the girls.

how to wear a midi dress - everything 5 pounds 3Floral Midi Dress | Low-Heeled Strappy Sandals

We’re not saying you must wear only sky scraper heels to get the look, but consider even a small heel to combat the possible frump-factor of the midi dress. Flats, and particularly flatforms aren’t a good look with this style of dress for many reasons. Go for a floral midi dress, keep the print vibrant and the shoes minimalistic.

how to wear a midi dress - everything 5 pounds 4Graphic Printed Midi Dress | Oversized Open Front Blazer

Now comes the jackets. If you’re wearing a midi dress, especially one with a straight hem, we’d advise avoiding coats and jackets which are just slightly longer than the dress. Consider either a full length coat, or a shorter one which ends at the hips or your waist. We couldn’t help ourselves styling this oversized blazer – a bargain to suit all seasons.

how to wear a midi dress - everything 5 pounds 5Retro Emblem Midi Dress | Faux Leather Box Bag

You have to take in your body shape to consideration, personal style and where you’re planning to wear your midi dress. While we can’t tell you exactly which dress to go for, as everyone’s preference will be different, we suggest fitted styles. These can be more flattering than loose ones like this retro printed dress above. The print is eye-catching and with that bag, we’ve found a perfect match.

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