Breast Cancer Awareness Month is rapidly approaching and the Wear it Pink campaign is a fun way to get involved. In fact, Wear it Pink Day, a day of fundraising that entails – you guessed it – wearing as much pink as possible, is now one of the UK’s biggest fundraising events, having raised over £33 million since launching in 2002. If you’re planning on getting involved, you’ve probably been plotting the perfect pink ensemble for October 18th.

However you feel about pink, and we’re aware it’s a divisive colour, Wear it Pink Day is an excellent excuse to explore the colour’s head-to-toe potential. If you’re not usually partial to pink, you may be surprised by the huge tonal variety it covers. Whether you’re drawn to demure understatement or vivid in your face tones, there’s a hue somewhere on the pink spectrum that has your name on it.

We’ve taken two fashionable extremes of pink, understated Millennial Pink and vibrant Hot Pink, to show just how varied the colour of the day can be.

Sophisticated Millennial Pink

Millennial Pink became a bone fide phenomenon two or three years ago, when everyone seemed to wake up and realise how remarkably ubiquitous it was – suddenly this demure pastel pink was everywhere. Countless think pieces were hurriedly commissioned wandering at the significance of such an intriguing chromatic sensation and, to add to the confusion, the pervasive pastel turned out to have another name – it’s also known as Tumblr Pink.

Which is all very well, but what does Millennial Pink actually look like? Well, it’s quite hard to pinpoint, because the term has been used quite liberally, but it’s essentially a muted pink with a hint of salmon. Millennial Pink may have peaked a couple of years ago, but its popularity endures and tones that could be described as Millennial or Tumblr Pink are likely to appeal to anyone who isn’t up for really pink pinks that are either too girly or garish.

This dusty pink blouse is a cute, understated piece that matches the muted sophistication of Millennial Pink nicely.

Looking chic in a slightly paler tone of pink, this flared leg belted jumpsuit is a chic way to wear the current belt trend.

In Your Face Hot Pink

Hot Pink is currently enjoying a bit of a renaissance and represents a suitably extreme counterpoint to the muted understatement of Millennial Pink. Hot Pink is a bright, bold and unapologetic take on the colour of the day that probably won’t suit reluctant Wear It Pink participants. Its sheer vivacity can look great, but you’ll need to embrace a slightly OTT aesthetic to pull it off.

And what’s more fabulously OTT that a Hot Pink snakeskin blazer? As we pointed out recently, snakeskin is riding on the crest of the animal print trend right now and if you’re going to embrace this unashamedly racy pattern you might as well go the whole hog and rock a hot pink 80s-style take on the look.

Another popping pink blazer, this lapel front crinkle number packs that brilliant pink punch with a hint of 80s glam – pretty much the essence of hot pink – and should prove easier to pull off than our snakeskin pick!

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