With the UK heatwave in full swing, now’s the time to showcase your summer fashion favourites. Whilst it’s probable that you’ve got plenty of prints, a few maxi dresses and some floaty midi skirts in there, you’re likely saving your little black dresses for the cooler months. But before you wave adieu – for the time being – to your army of loyal LBD’s, let us prove that they’re a real year-round staple.

Brave Bare Legs

In hot weather, tights just aren’t going to be comfortable; the only way to wear your LBD come summer is to go bare-legged. ‘Tis the season for giving your legs some TLC, so exfoliate and moisturise your pins, and – if you’re conscious about them looking a little pasty – fake it till you make it with a few self-tanning sessions. Our top tip? Gently remove any dry skin around the knees and ankles with an exfoliating mitt before applying fake tan to get an even-toned finish.

A simple black shift  dress will work wonders for the office and beyond; embolden your ensemble with a colour-popping pair of slip on sandals.

Add Some Bold Accessories

One of the main differences between spring/summer and autumn/winter collections is the colour palette (which is why black dresses tend to be associated with winter wardrobes). Bold colours and OTT prints have a touch of the tropical, making them a standout trend every summer. Bring a sense of the sun-soaked to your understated LBD’s with boldly-coloured accessories; raffia clutch bags, tribal jewellery and patterned headscarves are perfect options for making a splash – whether you’re poolside or not.

Do Day to Night Dressing

The need for flexible, day to night outfits is a given during summer; people just want to do more when the sun’s out. You’ll be invited to more post-work drinks, late-night dinner dates and picnics in the park than you can shake a stick at, so it’s important that your seasonal wardrobe can keep up with your schedule. Day to night dresses of any kind are one of our all-time favourites here at E5P, but the muted hue of an LBD makes them particularly suitable for the office, and – as everyone knows – black dresses are so chic, meaning you’ll look polished enough for play too.

Get a Shimmering Slip Dress

Slip dresses are ideal – we repeat IDEAL – to wear during warm weather. They’re dainty; they’re delicate – they’re made for seasonal soirées and long summer nights. In short, their the best way to dress for cocktail hour when it’s hot out. A shimmering, slightly metallic shift dress requires only a little accessorising; simply pair with heeled or flat black sandals and an envelope clutch bag.

Add Interest with Texture

Adding texture to any block-colour ensemble is the easiest way to achieve a more dynamic look. Usually, you’d do this by layering different fabrics, but in 25°C or more heat, layering is simply not an option. Instead, choose an LBD that’s been cut from a tactile fabric like lace; embroidered accents, sheer panelling or ruffles will also help to create texture.

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