So the maxi dress is definitely here to stay another season, surprised? Don’t be! The maxi dress is becoming an absolute classic and it’s just one of those things you must own if you’re planning on being on trend this year!

The Original

The first maxi dress was actually created back in 1968 for Elizabeth Arden, little did designer, Oscar De La Renta know that it was soon to be carried on by other massive names such as YSL and Dior. In fact it seems that our love for the maxi dress won’t be fading out any time soon.

In Popular Demand

So why is the maxi dress so popular? Well if you’ve worn a maxi dress before you’ll know that it allows women of all shapes and sizes to really flatter their favourite parts of their body and hide all the wobbly bits that we would all rather keep hidden. When a maxi dress is worn by a smaller woman you’ll see that it creates a curvy body whether that’s by adding a belt to it or keeping it how it is. The maxi dress can be figure-flattering for any woman, it just all depends on how you wear it and what colour it is whether it’s got a print or it or is quite plain. Either way a maxi dress is a piece of clothing that will never disappoint.

maxi dress trend - Everything 5 PoundsDark Floral Maxi Dress | Black Split Maxi Dress

The Go-To Item of Clothing

Why else do we all love the maxi dress? Well it’s feminine and comfy and if you really haven’t got the time to do all girly things such as shave your legs or fake tan then the maxi dress is perfect! So if you’re ever in a rush getting ready then you know that wearing a maxi dress will take less time as you won’t even need to worry about leg prep!


Maxi dresses are also very versatile, which is another thing that bring us closer to loving this style even more. The maxi dress can be dressed down with flip flops and a cardi or denim jacket. It was also be dressed up with a pair of heels and a classy clutch bag.

maxi dresses trend - Everything 5 PoundsTropical Print Maxi Dress | Peacock Inspired Maxi Dress

Prints and Patterns

There’s a whole wealth of designs of maxi dresses to suit everyone’s taste from floral prints to plain and other colourful patterns, so we think it’s safe to say that the maxi dress is here to stay, therefore I think I’m going to have to start spoiling my wardrobe and start buying more maxi dresses!

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