Basic wide jeans come back and became a trend

Jeans are an indispensable and basic wardrobe item that every fashionista should have. Almost 150 years have passed since the appearance of the first pair, but jeans took root in the women’s wardrobe only in the 1950s. Since then, denim has not gone out of fashion, only styles, shades, and fabric density have changed. But now, our wide jeans have come back to 2021 and now it is a trend.

Jeans are popular all over the world. They look good on a wide variety of figures and are equally loved by both young girls and middle-aged women. Why is the fair sex so fond of them? The reason for this is its versatility. Each season, designers offer many models. Knowing the main trends it will be possible to really diversify your wardrobe and look stylish without much effort. So let’s have a look deeper, what are the main trends?


1. Very wide straight and tapered models


Very wide black jeans


Oversize has no plans to go out of style for a long time. It is difficult to abandon this trend since a loose fit implies comfort in every movement. Wide-leg jeans can be worn under high heels to visually stretch the silhouette. To create a more relaxed look, these pants can be tucked up. Combine them with light blouses and chic women’s tops, with white T-shirts, and oversized knitted sweaters. For shoes, look for sandals, sneakers, ballet flats, and loafers. This fashionable trend looks interesting in contrast. Wide straight jeans go well with small handbags.


2. Shortened


wide blue jeans


The popularity of these jeans has convinced people that naked ankles are beautiful and feminine. This 2021 trend looks good both in casual looks and in-office looks. They allow you to emphasize the romance and femininity of nature. Culottes-style models are suitable for girls of any body size. It is recommended to choose high-heeled shoes for such trousers. But they look great with both sneakers. They are also worn with our stylish blouses or tops. They also look harmonious with jackets and coats.


3. Combined ones


trendy jeans


The trendy jeans include combination jeans. The combination of various materials and colors in one product –
clothing trend 2021. Since such a model looks interesting in itself, discreet accessories are selected for them. The combination of various fabrics will allow you to highlight the winning moments of the figure.


4. High-waisted


high-waisted wide jeans


They are incredibly popular now and will remain so. And fashionistas should only be happy for them since they are really ready to decorate any image. These jeans can be easily tried on and worn with sneakers, sneakers, and even feminine ballet flats. Moreover, for this model, you can pick up shortened types of blouses, T-shirts and not be afraid to put them on, as they are very fashionable and make your look more beautiful.


5. Loose fit


The tight-fitting and fitted jeans have finally been replaced by a more versatile loose fit. The main advantage of straight jeans is that they fit perfectly on any female figure, emphasizing its advantages. It is better to combine such models with a sweatshirt, shirt and with tops- it can be fitted or cropped.


Wide jeans – Modern trend is back – Conclusion


Models in E5P have a wide leg along the entire length and can slightly expand towards the bottom. Our modern women’s trousers are suitable for all body types. What shoes to wear with wide jeans? Our shoes vary. With wide models, you can combine shoes with heels, platforms, and flat soles. Comfortable sneakers or loafers. High-waisted models are paired with blouses and t-shirts that are tucked in. can afford a cropped top or a shirt with a knot at the waist. Everything is only 5£. So see what you can pick up and be different from the others with us.

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