Christmas is upon us and unfortunately (although perhaps fortunately for some) the cold weather is upon us too. Winter time fashion is my absolute favourite; I get to wrap up warm in extravagant fabrics and designs. Even when they are ‘faux’ fur or imitations they give the illusion of luxury and warmth. Everything5Pounds is my go to site every time I see a new fashion trend as I know that at least half of the time I can find the same/similar design or fabric for almost three quarters cheaper than I would on main high street shop websites. After scouring the high street for my favourite items I managed to find almost the exact matches on here for a largely lowered price and just as beautiful.

The Statement Clutch


My first two choices are the Embellished heart shaped bag and the Metal trim faux fur flap clutch. I have seen faux fur bags everywhere amongst faux fur gilets, boots and coats. In short fur is completely in and never left us. I chose the 3D flower bag as I had seen a similar one in Accessorise and completely fell in love with it, but just didn’t have the budget for the purchase.


Faux fur bags are available in grey and beige at the moment and I wouldn’t hesitate to snap up both colours as they are bang on trend. I completely lusted over the navy blue as I am little bit obsessed with the blue tones of this season, but the other colours are just as mesmerising and perfect for Autumn/Winter. At just the small price of five pounds you can’t really go wrong, especially as I know from experience the quality isn’t neglected despite the price slash.

The 3D flower handbag is available in silver and I don’t think any other colour variety is necessary. Glitter and silver seems like a perfect accompaniment to any Christmas outfit, or Winter evening meal. The feminine, petite handbag size compliments the flowers and the glitter and is a great alternative to shopping at Accessorise, especially when you know that you are one of those people that buy something new every season! Living in this fast fashion lifestyle lane it just isn’t feasible to spend twenty to thirty pounds on a handbag that will only be worn for a month or even less- at five pounds it’s much more accessible.

Embellished Flats


My favourite pick from this season has to be the Gold trim zodiac signs slip flats. These are my favourite choice by far as they mirror the Charlotte Olympia gorgeous zodiac shoes that I could never afford in a million years. These flats are available in navy for Scorpio, purple is Pisces, pink for Aquarius, Aries is camel, Taurus in black, Cancer khaki, Virgo in beige, Leo are the yellow flats, Libra in grey and Capricorn being red.

Naturally I am enticed by the navy Scorpio shoes- firstly because it’s my star sign, but secondly because blue is my favourite colour. However despite saying this I would happily buy them in a variety of star signs just to showcase the beautiful designs and the wide variety of colours to choose from. If you are a Sagittarius don’t feel like you’ve dipped out as the shoes don’t necessarily need to mimic your own star sign; they are a great fashion statement- maybe buy a pair to suit the current month?

Wing-Tipped Wedges


I thought I would inject a little bit of quirkiness into this post as life simply needs a little changing up sometimes. I am quite a fan of the brand Irregular Choice and ever since then have been seeking shoes that have that same edginess and originality without the bank breaking price tag. These winged beauties really caught my eye- I love wedged heels anyway as they combine practicality with height and style, what more could you want?!


The Winged wedge sandals are currently available in khaki which makes them a perfect match for the autumnal gold and beige tones in eye make-up this season. I love the clean white heel with the abstract bright orange sole accompanying the beige winged fabric. It’s just completely original, not too crazy, but something that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. If you want to shine in the spotlight these are definitely the Winter picks for you!

Grunge Inspired Boots


The Spike studs shimmer wedge trainers are the Autumnal extension of summer’s ‘Sports Luxe’ look with a revamped look. I don’t think my love for studs will ever fade and despite the fact that punk is much more an attitude and way of life than a style, these truly do slot in with the edgy, darker looks for this season.

They are currently available in gold, which I am loving. I adore something so gaudy and bright that someone looks at me thinking GOSH! WOW! Look at those!! I may be a sucker for seeing what’s on the catwalk but I certainly will never shy away from comfort. The wedged trainer doesn’t suit everyone but it’s a great piece to have for someone who wants a little height in their wardrobe without stepping out in heels or boots, and for me it’s something that will be joining me from Autumn to Winter.

Patent Envelope Clutch


Seeing as everyone seems to be turning to the dark side this season I thought that it would be hard to resist the inclusion of some suede, studs and  faux leather to finish my wish list off with. The Patent trim suedette envelope clutch is a great steal as it’s available in ‘D.Champagne’, ‘Champagne’ and ‘Purple’. I like to have a lot of variety when I’m buying, and the deep purple would be a perfect pairing to a gorgeous vampy lipstick.

I hope that you enjoyed my Winter Wishlist. If you want to catch up on my latest posts and fashion finds my blog is at and my Twitter page will fill you in with my latest ponderings @MinnieToodles.

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