During the winter, an extra layer of warmth makes all the difference which is why a scarf can be a life saver on those freezing cold days. Not only will they protect our cold-prone necks but also a proper scarf can singlehandedly make or break an entire outfit.
However, before you go ahead and purchase your scarf, it might be a good idea to look at your existing wardrobe first to check out what colour & style would be best for you. For example, if your wardrobe currently consists of a lot of plain, neutral coloured clothes, it may be a good idea to add some colourful scarves to brighten it up a little bit. Alternatively, if you’re someone who wears eye-catching, patterned clothes, a neutral scarf might do the trick of helping to ground your look.

In terms of the material of the scarf, you want something that’s going to keep your neck warm as well as adding that special finishing touch to your look, so we advise that you go for wool, cashmere or even faux fur if you’re really sassy!


See below to find out what our favourite styles are:

Fringe Scarves

Fringe scarves add that extra special touch to any outfit. They’re a popular style that is worn by both men and women of all ages. Just decide what material, colour and/or pattern you want, then you’ll be ready to purchase your very own fringed scarf.

Fringe Scarf

Oversized Scarves

Who doesn’t love oversized scarves? They’re extremely fashionable and look great with all different types of clothing. The best thing about them is that you can use them as a shawl/blanket when you’re not wearing them the traditional way which means you can make yourself extra warm!

Oversized Scarf


Woven Scarves

Not only will it keep you extra warm with its woven goodness but also, this woven speckled scarf doubles as a chic and fashionable pullover that can easily elevate a casual outfit. Wear it as a scarf to stay warm while outdoors and throw it over you whilst indoors for a comfortable and cosy style.


Everyday Scarves

A scarf a day keeps the Winter cold away! Perhaps the most important scarves you will ever buy are the ones that keep you warm and cosy every single day regardless of the occasion. Be it during your gruellingly freezing morning commute or whilst walking in the park, a scarf that can be worn with ease on any day and warm your soul (and neck) while keeping you stylish should be at the top of any wardrobe wish list. Make sure you choose 2 or 3 scarves with basic colours in order to make them easy to pair with the majority of your outfits, after all they’re only 5£ pounds each so why not cover the whole palette???

Everyday Scarf
Loose Knit/ Crochet Scarves

There are playful scarves and there are warm scarves. But there are a few select types of scarves which are simply a class above the rest and can truly elevate an outfit singlehandedly. A properly and subtly coloured oversized loose-knit scarf can truly add another level of grace and panache to your overall look. These are not your traditional tie around the neck scarves. These scarves must be carefully selected to be worn on top of the torso and more often than not, constitute the focal point of the entire look. That is why we insist on simple, elegant colours that will only compliment the rest of the outfit without becoming obnoxiously gaudy.

Loose Knit/Crochet Scarf


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