Every season, new and beautiful handbags in various styles and colours are put on sale. Nowadays women are looking for bags that aren’t just practical but are on trend and stylish. With so many options online, choosing the perfect bag can seem overwhelming. If you take the following points into consideration then choosing your next handbag will be an easy job.

When Will the Next Handbag be Used

The most appropriate handbag for you will depend on the time of the day you use it, time of year and what your hobbies are. If you’re needing a bag to take to the office then a satchel, shoulder or tote bag will be perfect. They’ve got plenty of space in for all your everyday items.

stylish handbags - Everything 5 PoundsMetallic Style Satchel | Vibrant Tote Bag

Bag Types

If you need a weekend/casual bag for an overnight stay somewhere then an oversized tote or handbag is your best bet as it will fit all your essentials in and saves you from having to carry around a small suitcase or luggage bag.

For an evening bag that’s small and stylish then a clutch is the bag for you! They’re often small and classy but will fit in your essentials such as your phone, money/cards and a few cosmetic items.

summer bags - Everything 5 PoundsFloral Detailed Shoulder Bag | Oversized Tote Bag

For a bag for everyday use whether that’s going out shopping with friends or out for lunch/dinner then a satchel or side bag is perfect. Stick to the neutral colours such as brown as it won’t clash with your wardrobe and you can get as much use out of it as possible.

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