The tailoring trend has been circulating for some time now, and it’s not likely to be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, power suits have become a firm red carpet favourite in recent years. And if you want to dress like an absolute boss, there’s no easier way to do it. But today’s tailoring isn’t all about sombre colours and boyish cuts; it’s soft and sultry, with playful pops of colour and print. So, if you want to nail this season’s tailoring trend – without looking like you’ve just come from a business meeting – read on. Here’s how to wear power suits, smart trousers and sharp-shouldered blazers this season.

Embrace Colour…

Making their way from the runway to real-life, bold power suits are where it’s at right now. Whether you go for a primary hue or something softer for spring, colourful trouser suits are perfect for the office and beyond. If you’re feeling brave, we suggest going red to toe (that’s red from head to toe, in case you were wondering). Red signifies passion and energy; it’s often associated with those who’re driven to live (their best lives) fully, which seems like an apt description for anyone rocking a strong-shouldered suit.

…Or Print

A striking print will always look contemporary, not corporate. And when it comes to tailoring, a well-considered pattern can completely elevate the ensemble. A heritage print, like a plaid, is an easy entry point into tailoring; it’s smart and subtle, and can be lifted with a colour-popping blouse or accessories. Plaids work especially well in the office, though they can be styled to suit smart-casual soirées too. Pair your plaid trouser suit with a basic tee and plimsolls for a modern finish.

If you really want to make a statement, a tropical or floral print jacket will work wonders during the summer months. Wear such striking prints with caution though; with the wrong fit, a patterned blazer can easily swamp the wearer and totally take over. Cinched-in waists and waterfall lapels – details that soften the look – ensure these jackets are of the moment (and not OTT!).

Work with Your Proportions

Whatever your shape or size, a power suit that doesn’t fit properly just lacks oomph. The key to getting tailoring right is to dress for your proportions and, like most things in life, balance is best. A boxy, oversized blazer should be worn with slim-fitting trousers or city shorts. Conversely, wide-leg trousers look best when paired with a streamlined jacket. With these things in mind, you’ll never run the risk of looking like a child in their dad’s suit!

If you’re petite, a cropped blazer and ankle-grazing trousers will stop you from feeling swamped; straight-leg trousers will add length without creating too much volume on your lower half too.

Wide-leg trousers have an elongating effect and suit most shapes. High-waisted trousers help to define the mid-section, so they can be great for creating curves if you’ve got an athletic figure.

Be Seasonally-Appropriate

As one of the most versatile trends, tailoring can be easily incorporated into your winter and summer wardrobes. But just because you can wear a trouser suit all year round, doesn’t mean you should style it the same way every season.

Subdued hues and heavier fabrics (like velvet or corduroy) work better in autumn and winter. Evening jackets are big players during party season, but they’re not the best option for summer events. Sorbet shades and floral prints are better suited to spring or summer; come winter, most pastels just don’t look right.

If you’re looking for adaptable pieces, choose a handful of smart separates that can be styled to suit most seasons. Neutral colours like black or ivory don’t look out of place in summer or winter, though they should always be worn with seasonally-appropriate trousers, tops and t-shirts. Choose jackets that’re crafted in midweight fabrics too, so they can be layered (or not), depending on the weather.

Crochet insert perforated blazer

Crochet insert perforated blazer

Think About Your Other Layers

What you wear with your trouser suit affects the overall look. For a low-key finish, stick to basics; nothing says ‘modern tailoring’ quite like trouser suits and t-shirts. Cami tops, or blouses with lace or sheer accents, are ideal for giving your outfit a playful edge. Always choose button-down shirts in lightweight, floaty fabrics too; a crisp, starchy shirt can appear stuffy when paired with tailored separates.

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