The dress – the most fashionable element of the women’s wardrobe – no more thinking with what to combine or with what to wear. It is really easy to wear your favorite dress combined with accessories and with a pair of high heels shoes or cheap trainers


A real woman and elegant stylish ladies dresses are inseparable. Fashionable dresses have always taken pride of place in the collections of world fashion houses. There will not be an exception. offers a large selection of styles for every taste and shape – from daring and sexy options for a party, to classic models for the office.


Trends of women’s dresses for everyday wear


A dress, at least one, is present in the wardrobe of a self-respecting woman and girl. And there always comes a time when you need to update your clothes. Our store delights their customers with an extensive assortment of various styles and lengths of dresses, as well as sleeves ones with multifaceted color palette, all kinds of prints and decor.

Here are 6 trends of dresses that will like every woman:


1. Pajama style



Not so long ago, women wore pajamas at night as night clothing. However, now this kind of clothing has become a trend and a very stylish way to express your individuality. The trendy womens dresses resemble nightgowns with lace slips. Wearing such an adorable outfit will make a splash at the party! You can wear pajama style dresses of every color and material and combine them with our adorable ladies shoes.


 2. Maxi and mini dresses


Actual length of maxi dresses and midi dresses. In the trend, high cuts in the front or front of the leg, asymmetrical hem, and cascading bottom. A mini dress takes on a completely new interpretation if it is made in a simple edge and decorated with original elements. Both of these styles are ideal for everyday wear.


3. Dresses with buttons 



However, it is enough to look at the model, decorated with a row of buttons along the entire length to match the dress, to see how effective such a solution is! Buttons can also be contrasting. Therefore, it is possible to choose an option to your taste and preferences to look absolutely stunning. 


4. Romantic dresses


Romantic kinds of dresses with floral prints and oversize direction will be a perfect choice. Our women’s collections of romantic dresses catch an eye with their femininity and romanticism. To look more beautiful, wear these kinds of dresses with our modern flat women shoes.


5. Knitted dresses


Cozy and comfortable knitted dresses for everyday wear are very actual. The laconic style and calm colors are a wonderful background for accessories and an ideal solution for both women and girls. 


6. Shirt dresses 



This kind of dress is just an ultimate must-have for your wardrobe from famous modern printed design to black/white oversize shirt dresses. Chic and practical, our shirt dresses will take you so far. Make great looks with them combining with beautiful accessories to look more feminine. 




Today, the focus is on romantic, pajama style dresses with buttons strewn with flower buds and decorated with rows of ruffles, sexy options, including translucent textures, models with thin straps, dresses with unexpected cutouts or an accent on the bra line. We offer a variety of models of everyday women tops which symbolize beauty and parcticeness. So there are many options to choose from in order to look stylish. Save your time on shopping, choose stylish dresses. On our website, you can view the catalog of affordable, modern clothes and make a purchase in a couple of minutes. By the way, we have not only stunning dresses but also very beautiful tops which you can buy in the category of women tops. Everything is at 5£. 


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