Accepting that summer is over can be tough. But, with a heavy heart, we must report that September is creeping towards October and it’s increasingly impossible to ignore the shivery chill of early autumn. It’s time to let go, the endless summer has definitely ended.

But the arrival of autumn doesn’t have to be a downer, for one thing the cooling temperature is a great excuse to start shopping for seasonally appropriate clothing. And if there’s one item of clothing that defines the shift from the stripped-back summer wardrobe to the knits and outerwear of Autumn/Winter it’s surely the jacket.

Autumn is a transitional season. At the time of writing barbecue smoke still fills the air – summer is hanging on in there and you really don’t want to be wearing anything remotely heavy. But by the end of the season snuggly knits and winter coats are almost certain to be the order of the day. The solution? An affordable jacket that’s wearable throughout early-mid Autumn, when a big winter coat still seems inappropriate. Luckily, you’re in the right place!


Corduroy has enjoyed something of a renaissance in the last year or two, shrugging off any lingering associations with fusty geography teachers and kitsch 70s suits and appearing in stylish new shapes on catwalks and, increasingly, the high street. This wine-coloured jacket offers a sharp, contemporary way to wear corduroy this autumn.

Plaid blazer

We’ve already touted the plaid blazer as one of the pillars of French girl fashion and we reckon it’s a good shout beyond the streets of Paris this Autumn. It’s an extremely versatile look that can be dressed up with a glam ensemble or paired with jeans and a t-shirt for a more slouchy/casual vibe. We’ve even seen plaid blazers worn beneath big winter coats, which adds yet more season-straddling appeal.


Beige is boring right? WRONG! Beige, long derided as the hue of humdrum mediocrity, has been championed in high-fashion circles from some time now and looks set to retain its relevance this season. Which means classically stylish beige/tan outerwear, like this chic double-breasted blazer, is sure to be an on-trend look this autumn.


We’ve decided that capes are broadly acceptable in an article about jackets and they’re definitely set to be an on-trend outerwear option this Autumn/Winter. Worn well capes are a bold, fashion forward alternative to jackets and coats, which can glam up an otherwise unremarkable outfit. They’re also surprisingly wearable and well-suited to autumn, whether you opt for a sweeping, oversized example or a smaller cape that doesn’t overwhelm your figure.

Belted jacket

Belts are a key accessory this season and a belted jacket is a great way to wear the look. This A/W sees a shift away from the big, unstructured jackets that have been so popular for a couple of years now and a belt can create an elegant, defined silhouette. Belted jackets are an easy way to bring a touch of class to most outfits, whether worn with jeans or dresses.

Balloon Sleeve Hi Shine Jacket

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