Teeming with marine life and nautical motifs, ocean-inspired outfits are a great way to show the world how much you love the summertime. The mere mention of summer conjures up images of soft, sandy beaches, sparkling turquoise water and bright blue skies – the inspiration behind this incredible crop of sea-themed style finds. With just a few creative fashion choices, you can get that same relaxed feeling as if you’re already on holiday by the coast, cocktail in hand. How? We’ll tell you!

Sea-Inspired Prints

It may seem a tad obvious, but sea-inspired prints are a must-have for absolutely nailing the marine style. And the best part? You don’t need to go overboard to make waves with this kind of look. You can add one sea-inspired piece in your outfit and keep everything else complimentary or neutral; in fact, it’s probably the best thing for keeping your style fresh and cool in warmer weather! Match a pair of cute anchor-print shorts and a loose-fitting striped shirt for a casual yet classy effect.

Natural, Neutral Colours

There are certain colour combinations that automatically call to mind the beach and sea. And this summer, they are absolutely in style! Combine sand and other neutral colours with delicate shades of blue to really capture the feel of a day by the ocean. Think a crochet top that breathes well to help you stay comfortable and confident during the warm weather. Any light denim jean shorts will complement this piece perfectly, so make sure you’ve got some in your wardrobe as well.

The Scallop Trend

As they say, the devil is in the detailing. The scallop trend looks really feminine and edgy at the same time, making it the perfect style to show off this season. And you shouldn’t worry about taking things too far; there are plenty of options out there to try that are effortlessly elegant and not at all ostentatious. You can get scallop detailing in all sorts of clothing (and it looks super-chic every time); an on-trend cami top in blue or even yellow is your best bet. Whenever you’re ready to hit the beach or slay on your next low-key summer night out, this is the perfect outfit.

Lightweight Shoes

A day at the beach typically calls for shoes that you can quickly take off – all the better to feel the sand between your toes. Light sandals or flip-flops are absolutely perfect for a summer outfit, and they really help carry the beautiful colours of your marine theme to the next level. Imagine yourself sailing away in some adorable ankle-strapped mid-wedge sandals. You’ll look great lounging by the pool or sipping summer cocktails on the dock of the bay. Slip on a pair for a dressy finish that’s sure to stand out.

Scaly, Sequined, and Embellished

A little texture goes a long way. In terms of ocean fashion, you’re free to experiment with a wide variety of options and create the outfit that best brings out your inner mermaid. Exquisite marine-inspired embellishments like beads, shells and scale-like details in your outfits can make for an elegantly ethereal look. Of course, if you still want to keep things calm and casual, think about choosing a bright, breezy beach coverup; you’ll turn heads on land and sea, that’s for sure.

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