The great thing about Christmas is that everyone has their own unique way of celebrating it. For some families, Christmas Day involves plenty of games and a big afternoon walk after lunch, while other families barely move from their Christmas film marathon on the sofa. However you celebrate the big day, we’ve got you covered with our outfit ideas for a Christmas Day with your loved ones.

Cosy Christmas pyjamas

A true Christmas essential, pyjamas are a must when it comes to the festivities. Come Christmas morning, lots of people gather together in their pyjamas to open stockings and eat breakfast, or maybe even crack open the Buck’s Fizz early. We’re sure some of you are likely to stay in your pyjamas for the whole day! Not only are pyjamas super comfy, but they come in all different patterns and prints – some families even like to get matching ones. This fun Festive Dog Print Pyjama Bottoms will get you in the Christmas spirit in no time:

Comfort is key

If you decide to change out of your pyjamas, your second-best option is something loose and roomy, ideal for all that Christmas food you’ll be eating later on. Try to avoid anything too restrictive like jeans or tight skirts, as feeling uncomfortable is likely to ruin your day. Loose, flowy trousers are comfortable and look fabulous at the same time, like this stylish pair:

You can also go for a long floaty skirt or even super-stretchy leggings.

Stylish sportswear

If you have an active family, chances are they’ll want to go for a Christmas walk or two. If this sounds like your family, make sure to put a pair of tracksuit trousers or jogger pants on your wishlist this year. Not only can you make a tracksuit look slick and sophisticated with the right accessories, but you’ll feel smug knowing you’re the comfiest person in the room. Pair your joggers with a knitted jumper, bobble hat, puffa jacket and trainers to make the perfect outfit for walking in a winter wonderland. We love this classy pair:

Pick a party outfit

If your family loves dressing up and Christmas Day at your house is a more formal occasion, don’t worry – there are hundreds of fancy outfits to choose from. A turtleneck top, skirt and wool tights paired with boots makes a great go-to outfit, or you could go fully festive and select something sequinned or sparkly to match the decorations. Christmassy colours such as reds, greens and golds will always look on point – we love this bold shirt:

Add your accessories

The final part of your Christmas Day outfit are the accessories. If you plan to spend the day lounging on the sofa, some comfy slippers will keep your toes toasty. This pair are super-cute:

For those who will be trying to walk off their Christmas lunch with some exercise, warm socks, hat, scarf and gloves will be needed, as well as a good pair of shoes. These fabulously festive boots are sure to come in handy:

Finally, if you’re looking for the perfect jewellery to complement your glam Christmas look, this beautiful tasselled necklace and earring set will wow all your relatives at the table:

With this list of festive outfit ideas, you’re sure to be prepared for whatever type of celebration you and your family have this year. Happy Christmas!

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