The animal print trend that took over the high street last year isn’t going anywhere. If anything, the variety of on-trend prints has expanded to take in a more wildlife than your average safari. Beyond the ever-popular leopard print that’s been so pervasive for a year or two, we’re seeing tiger, zebra, croc and snake emblazoned across an exciting array of apparel.

But, despite the ubiquity of animal prints there’s still a fairly wide-spread impression that it’s a hard look to wear. Which we can relate to. For one thing, the prospect of looking more like Kat Slater than a Versace catwalk model can weigh on the mind. But fear not, it’s actually pretty easy to wear animal prints without looking like you should be pulling pints in the Queen Vic.

Zebra Printed Midi Skirt

The leopard print midi skirt has been omnipresent for most of 2019, to the extent that it’s now effectively a wardrobe staple. Back in May, an American writer asked Twitter if every woman in Manhattan woke up one morning and decided to buy a leopard-print midi skirt. All we can say is, the phenomenon wasn’t limited to New York. Does this mean the leopard print midi is now played out? Not at all – it’s a cute, acceptably edgy piece that looks good with almost anything. But if you want a fresh twist on the look, how about a zebra-print midi skirt? We think it’s a strong look that, like the leopard midi, is surprisingly easy to wear.

Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat

Looking for a glam but cosy autumn coat? Leopard print faux fur coats have been a big look since last winter and remain one of our favourite ways to wear leopard print when we’re prowling the urban jungle.

Slouchy Animal Print Crop Jumper

Autumn is upon us, which means finding ways to wear animal print in temperatures that aren’t typically suited to leopards or zebras. This cute crop jumper isn’t exactly winter apparel but could be a good call this autumn. It’s also a great example of a fun design that alludes to animal print without resembling anything you’re likely to encounter in a zoo.

Lapel Front Snake Print Blazer

Snakeskin is also having something of a moment. It’s an undeniably adventurous look and might seem a bit OTT at first, but we say embrace snakeskin’s racy rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic and wear it big, splashed across a statement coat or a structured blazer, like this gloriously glam example.

Reversible Mock Croc Bucket Hat

We had to get croc in here somehow, so how about this fun mock croc bucket hat? Croc print and bucket hats are arguably both tricky trends to pull off, so why not chuck them together! It’s a bold look takes the bucket hat in a more feminine direction, and on days when you’re feeling a bit less adventurous, you can always reverse it.

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