Bringing a fresh feel to the traditional look with mixed fabrics, lots of colour and modern shapes, faux fur nowadays is anything but dull. Whether you want something to keep you warm without giving up your style or simply to stay one step ahead of the layering game, there’s always an element of practicality involved with choosing the right faux fur pieces for an ultra luxe image. And fortunately, there are plenty of items out there that will make your wearing experience all the more enjoyable (without even considering the real thing!), although you certainly need to be smart and savvy about what you buy. So if you’re still wondering how best to shop for and wear faux fur, get some inspiration from a few of our favourite products.

Slide Into Those DMs

Make room in your shoe-drobe for faux fur. This playful trend started on the catwalk, but got hella sassy the moment it hit the streets, and now everyone appears to be well versed in how to wear fur on their feet. And we’re on board, faux sure.

Try a pair of faux-fur buckled sliders for when you need that crucial comfort but also want to look your stylish best.

Let Loose Your Inner Leopard

Honestly, there’s no better shortcut to looking fabulous than by throwing on a leopard-print coat. Part rock ‘n’ roll, part uptown glam, and totally fierce, a feline-printed coat – especially in faux fur – can seriously up your style game.

Whether paired with jeans and a tee, a cool LBD, or even with other prints for the ultimate fashion risk, pretty much anyone can pull off a leopard-print coat. Get ready to start turning heads and making people jealous! Just don’t say we didn’t warn you; it is always important to never underestimate the animal inside.

Asymmetric Animalia

Once you dive into the asymmetrical trend, you don’t need anything else. It says a lot more about your personality than any style that has come before. People are clearly drawn to asymmetrical fashion; it’s exciting, bold, and makes one thing crystal clear: ’I don’t need to be like everyone else.’ Couple that with the wild aesthetic of faux fur and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

Consider going for something like a cosy faux-fur poncho styled asymmetrically for fashion-forward glam, the ultimate layer player. With its drop-arm sleeves and edgy hem, this snug knit is both chic and comfortable!

Tees With Trims

Faux fur gilets and jackets are a timeless fashion statement that can take any ensemble from zero to 100. Now tops are looking to get in on the action as well. Adding a little more glam to effortless casual wear, T-shirts with faux-fur detailing have created quite the buzz lately. In fact, if you want to jump on the bandwagon, this trend is an excellent starting point.

Think small at first, maybe something neutral with just a hint of colour and a basic faux-fur trim around the sleeves. Even this simple decision can elevate your wardrobe to Parisian levels.

A Cute Little Fluffy Bag

No one can truly call themselves a faux fur fashionista without having a cute little fluffy bag by their side. Keep all your belongings safe in style with a chic, irresistibly strokable clutch. Whether you want brown or prefer pink, it’s all about making a statement. And you’ll certainly have no trouble there – regardless of the occasion.

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