While it’s easy to dress straight from the latest runways when you’re a celebrity, A-listers prove it’s still possible (and just as easy) to look chic in budget-friendly fashion. All it takes is a few smart shopping choices and you’ll be red-carpet-ready in no time. Got a taste for Olsen-twin-style but only a shoestring budget? Not to worry. There are plenty of affordable ways to achieve the looks of your favourite tastemakers – without the celebrity price tag!

Go Gingham

Few fabrics sing of summer quite like gingham. And celebrities like Alexa Chung are updating the perennial print in a lot of good ways. Gingham seems to have captured everyone’s hearts, as you can’t go on Instagram without seeing the tablecloth-check print. Checked tops, cropped trousers and dresses have become the unofficial uniform of social media, which we’re 100% fine with.

But how do you avoid looking like a picnic basket? If this style doesn’t usually make an appearance in your wardrobe, stick with lighter colours that will have you looking more classic than costume.

Dare to Flare

For the past few years, fashion designers have been telling us flared clothes are coming back. And we’re inclined to believe them, given that celebrities like Rihanna can’t seem to get enough of the style. The haute hippie, ‘70s fashion vibe rules the runways now; however, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join in the fun, too.

For newcomers jumping on the flared bandwagon, don’t go all out at once. Instead, avoid the overly ostentatious pieces and throw on a perforated blazer to keep your ensemble pared down yet elegant.

Flaunt the Fringe

Fringe has dominated and trailed on many runways, so it’s time to add this edgy rodeo trend into your new-season wardrobe. And with the likes of Olivia Palermo championing the style, feel free to embrace your inner cowgirl. It’s made a resurgence on every type of garment, so the versatility factor is astounding! Whatever you do, be sure to make the most of the fringe look this season.

Bring a touch of Wild West glamour to your ‘go big or go home’ image and get ready to do some serious swishing, swooshing and shaking!

Shop for Shirt Dresses

The ultimate essential for your casual wardrobe: the shirt dress. Endlessly versatile and effortlessly chic, shirt dresses are for those easy wardrobe wins. From the office to after-work drinks, it’s more convenient than ever to create the silhouette you want. In fierce cuts from clean, tailored or an oversized relaxed fit, it won’t be long before you find that knockout shirt dress to give you a chic look.

While you might wish to emulate stars like Ashley Olsen, you’re also going to want to put your own spin on this sophisticated style. Think a sleek polo dress detailed sparingly for a subtle, fresh statement.

Keep Up with the Classics

Nothing beats straightforward fashion. And denim is about as straightforward as it gets. Of course, that doesn’t stop celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski from making a strong impression with these kinds of pieces. Look out for an edgily styled denim jacket to really showcase your no celeb-inspired look – no matter the event or occasion.


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