2021 has arrived, which means it’s time to get ready for that wardrobe refresh especially in time for Spring. We’re focusing on open-back dresses, relaxed suits, and tunics, micro-bags, feather skirts, high heel shoes, wide jeans, cozy hoodies, and tops. The best part? You can get all of these in our online store. Check out our new arrivals to see what fits you the best.



This year, stylists are focusing on several timeless trends. Tops, jumpers, dresses with an open back or a deep cut on the back, loose suits, and tunics, skirts with voluminous decor. Our cute flat shoes are in the sphere of attention of fashion experts. Based on this, our collection is inspired by trendy looks and chic clothes that are relevant to today’s trends. At everything5pounds.com you can find what you want and need easily due to our growing collection of clothes and shoes.

7 trends that inspire our collection of cheap women clothes


1.Relaxed suits


The past year has brought a number of changes to our daily life. Instead of business suits, we meet free oversized sets, consisting of trousers and a jacket. In the collections of the leading experts in spring-summer 2021 fashion, we saw loose-fitting suits that will be pleasant to wear both to work and for a walk on a weekend or meeting with friends. 



  1. Oversize tunics


A voluminous tunic made of natural materials can be considered an equally comfortable alternative to an oversized trouser set. Stylists recommend combining tunics with jackets and flat shoes. In addition, they will look perfect with wide trousers and voluminous tote bags, so relevant in the coming season.



  1. Backless Dresses & Tops


In 2021, the focus of attention by designers has clearly shifted from the neckline to the open back. Now the trendiest outfits have a bold cut on the back. Couturiers recommend fashionable knitted monochrome dresses with an open back. At the same time, similar solutions will be relevant for basic tops for women and jumpers, which can be effectively combined with wide trousers and midi skirts.



  1. Large pants


Wide-leg jeans help us not get too distant from our cozy clothing habits, and at the same time show signs of fashionable socialization. In other words, it’s time for everyone to get out of the den. We recommend pairing wide jeans with romantic boho blouses and thin silk tops which you can buy at everything5pounds. We follow the trend and update our collection with stylish jeans which will be perfect to wear with our trendy trainers.



  1. Classic & Longline Sweatshirts


Sweatshirts have always been relevant. Along with classic solutions, designers offer us to purchase elongated sweatshirts-dresses that are ideally combined with jeans, leggings, and colored tights. In addition, we are seeing an explosion in the popularity of hoodies along with comfortable solutions such as wide jeans and sweatshirts.



  1. Slingback shoes 


Shoes with a thin strap and an open heel are usually known as “slingback shoes”. Moreover, the best budget running shoes are by no means a new trend. But it turned out to be very popular in 2021. So, we see the trend of shoes with flat soles, as well as with heels of various heights. Our comfortable cute womens shoes can be effectively combined with any outfit!


  1. Bright stripes 


Stripes are a pattern that appears in almost every season. Fashion designers dyed this print in all the colors of the rainbow to add freshness and extravagance.

Exotic, sculptural, and simple meadow flowers will be trendy this summer as well as a total bow with a floral print in our cheap mini dresses.




In our online store, you can find silk, satin, high-quality soft cotton clothes – the materials are the most pleasant to the touch and at the same time on-trend. Our products are chic, elegant, and comfortable all at once. Don’t hesitate and make an order buying the most elegant and modern clothes at £5 on our website.


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