With Christmas just around the corner now, most of us will be looking for some stylish outfits to wear for the upcoming gatherings, parties and christmassy events but who said us girls have to wear dresses? Being comfortable and warm is just as important as looking fab- that’s why we have focussed this week’s blog post on straight trousers. We’ve picked out a few of our favourites that we think all you ladies out there will love! Discover more by reading along with us now…


High Waist Tie up Trousers

We absolutely love these high waist tie up trousers, here at Everything5Pounds. They’re extremely comfortable and look great with almost any type of top and shoes so you can dress them up (or down) as much as you wish. The stunning details (including the zip pockets and tie up waist) are what makes these trousers different to any others that you might already have. Just select your size, checkout and they’ll be yours- it’s as simple as that!


Mesh Hem Checked Trousers

Want to go for something different to what you’d usually go for? If so, our mesh hem checked trousers will be the perfect purchase for you. The gorgeous checked pattern and mesh detail on the bottom really gives these trousers a christmassy feel making them ideal to wear to festive events. When deciding what top to pair with these stunning trousers, go for a simple, understated black one and some cute black pumps or heels to ensure that nothing clashes with the stunning checked pattern. Check them out now while they’re still in stock!


Straight Leg Casual Jeans

If jeans are your thing, be sure to get your hands on our khaki straight leg casual jeans today. The material is soft and figure hugging, making them extremely comfortable and well-fitted. Choose to dress them up with a nice top and your favourite pair of heels or go for a casual, daytime look by wearing them with a sweatshirt and some trainers/boots. Pick them up today before it’s too late!

khaki straight trousers


Want to see more of our gorgeous straight leg trousers? Check out our full range today and pick out the ones that take your fancy! For the price of just £5 per pair, you can afford to purchase a few of your favourites without breaking the bank.


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