Decided months ago, on the catwalks of New York, Milan, Paris and London, this summer’s hottest new fashion trends have since been converted into high-street offerings at a fraction of the cost. And it’s safe to say that prints are where you should be looking for an all-the-rage wardrobe. Coming from a wistfulness towards more bohemian times, as well as a mixed affinity for travel and leisure, traditional designs have been seamlessly blended with edgier patterns to make this summer’s most sought-after prints bigger, bolder and better than ever. Need some inspiration when it comes to fitting them into your look? Here is a great place to start!

Animal Magnetism

If there’s one type of print to invest in this summer, it’s animal. Let’s face it, we ALL love taking a walk on the wild side sometimes, and animal print clothes are perfect for showing just how much stylish dressing means to you, from the subtlest spots to the deepest, most daring stripes. Often, finding a happy medium between understated and unabashed is your best bet; for example, try an animal-printed dress with a leather trim so you can look and feel good wherever you’re off to in the warm weather.

Also, an animal print bag is an easy way to spice up any summer outfit, as well as being a great entry point if you’re new to the trend; wear this to the beach or while you travel for a truly harmonious finish.

Florals for Days

As soon as summer rolls around, outfits covered in florals are the perfect choice for celebrating, and with so many different ways of utilising these vivacious prints, anyone can enjoy wearing them. Florals have long boasted an urbane appeal and are incredibly versatile. On the runway, they are wont to decorate all manner of dresses, day suits, skirts, and even scarves; after all, a girl’s got to look fresh on those cool, clear summer nights as well.

Still, it’s worth keeping things in perspective before you start planning your garden-chic ensemble. Consider a vibrant floral print jumpsuit; match with a simple straw hat and a pendant necklace for an effortless daytime look.

Sacred Geometry

It seems we all love having shapes on our summer outfits. From squares to stripes; checks to circles, geometric prints have proven to be a hit this season, as well-suited to the working day as after-hours cocktails with colleagues. But we’re not just seeing them make an impact in and around the office; progressively more people are also filling their casual wardrobes with all the geometric prints they can find. Whether you head to the beach or hang out in the park, you’ll likely come across outfits that are positively kaleidoscopic when it’s sunny.

If you’re in need of a rhombus-rocking ensemble or simply want to make your warm-weather wardrobe a bit quirkier, take inspiration from the runway and choose pieces that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. A polka dot striped print number works great with sandals and has ‘summer chic’ written all over it; with this, you’ll be ready for fun in the sun all day long – no matter where your plans take you.

Ties to Dye For

If you feel like embracing the colourful and boho-chic side of summer 2019, look no further than the tie-dye trend. Some designers use tie-dye motifs in an explicit nod to the ‘60s; others have found unique ways of harnessing this technique to achieve more modern effects. Both bright hues and pastels are in vogue right now, and that’s due to the reaffirmation of summer as a time for bringing out everyone’s playful streak. From sophisticated colour combinations to unexpected patterns, tie-dye is more elevated and fashion-forward than ever.

For an effortlessly summery look, match a tie-dye-printed tiered top with a pair of light-coloured jeans and flats. If you’re looking for something stylish to wear while shopping or on your next casual night out, this is the ideal get-up.

Stellar Styles

On the catwalk, designers around the world unanimously proclaimed that women should shine like stars. And now, these twinkling symbols can be found in all kinds of iconic summer prints and patterns; they work really well paired with neutrals like cream or off-white, providing a chic feminine finish. Able to be worn subtly or as part of a bolder statement piece, the star print is sophisticated and sleek at the same time. No doubt, this design will have you looking and feeling as confident as can be – especially during those cloudless summer evenings.

A star-printed chiffon blouse is an excellent option; suitable for casual wear as well as formal ensembles, it’s also practical if you’re looking for a little more coverage on the shoulders and makes a great alternative to a sleeveless dress.

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