They say it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey. And what defines the journey when you’re on a plane, ready to see the world? Why, what you’re wearing, of course! The outfit you put together before taking to the skies sets the tone for your entire trip; it could mean the difference between feeling cute and cosy in the cabin or looking last-minute and lost from lift-off to landing. Tired of rushing to the airport in uncomfortable trousers and a frumpy top? Discover easy ideas for how to fly fashionably right here.

Max(i)ing and Relaxing

Unrestricted, soft and sure to keep you feeling fresh for the whole ride, a comfy maxi dress is the perfect wardrobe staple where flying is concerned; chic, modern and elegant all at once, you can’t go wrong staying covered with this item of clothing. By choosing a maxi cut, you can expect breathable and lightweight fabric that offers superior mobility and freedom of movement, especially handy if you’re going to be on a plane for some time. And of course, you’ll look effortlessly stylish from the second you board. Flatter your waistline by choosing a maxi dress with a tie that cinches the waist – or throw on a narrow belt if needed!

Leave Your Heels in the Hold, Ladies

With the amount of walking you have to do in airports nowadays, it always feels like a marathon. And you wouldn’t run a marathon in heels. It’s just not worth it to wreck your feet; plus, you want them to be as free and comfy as possible to bust all the moves you feel like while on holiday or even a business trip (no judgements here!). Opt for a pair of adorable flats or low wedges before you get on the plane and save your heels for all the partying you’ll be doing once you land.

Dare to Don Darker Colours

Whether you’re on a long or short-haul flight, you should be wearing at least some dark colours. Because aeroplanes are tight, crowded spaces, you’re going to want to be careful. Plenty of people find it impossible not to spill stuff or rub up against something that gets their clothes dirty. This is why dark colours and neutrals are popular for plane travel; they don’t show the dirt as much. Think plain black jeans and a dark-patterned top and everybody will see you’ve come practical as well as pretty.

Wrap Up Warm

When you’re travelling on a plane, there are many conditions that can make you feel chilly, and let’s face it – airline blankets aren’t going to help. If take-off is delayed and you’re just sat there on the runway with the air con on full blast, you’ll be thankful you layered up. Winter, spring, summer or fall, it’s wise to keep yourself covered no matter where you’re heading. Consider a long line cardigan or playful printed shawl to guarantee your comfort and relaxation as well as a great stylish statement.

Leggings Are for the Long Haul

Soft, stretchy and breathable, it’s worth investing in a few pairs of leggings if you really want to nail travelling by plane like a pro. Ideal for extended periods of sitting, they’ll save you feeling like your clothes are leaving permanent creases and indentations on your body. Comfort should always be your top priority where air travel is concerned, and leggings will ensure you stay snug and stylish the whole flight through. A metallic pattern is a great pick for showing everyone you’re sophisticated as well as suitably plane-ready.

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