Girls, it’s time to take getting ready for your next night out up a level. Whether you’re attending a dinner party, heading to the movies or simply spending some much-needed quality time in the company of your BFFs, there’s always a reason to dress up and look your stylish best for the evening. And with so many different clubs, bars and venues around, choosing what to wear is an even bigger challenge than deciding where you should go.

If you’re wondering what to wear on your next night out, here’s some inspiration to get you started. Check out popular night-out ensemble ideas that are sure to make your style sizzle!

Keeping It Casual

Think you can wear just whatever to your restaurant outing or after-work drinks? Think again! Sure, there’s nothing wrong with choosing an outfit that’s lowkey, but it should still speak to you in some way and show off your individual style better than anything else. And even if the atmosphere is more relaxed than you were probably expecting, you’ll still have the confidence that comes with dressing to impress, no matter where you end up. Putting together the perfect casual night-out look is all about seamlessly combining style and functionality to create an outfit that really captures your unique sense of fashion. Yes, we know it’s tough, but trust us, the effort will be totally worth it.

Opt for a vibrant printed blouse and plain shorts to ensure you’re flawless from head to toe. Also, keep an eye out for subtle-yet-striking shoes that will instantly elevate any casual outfit.

Formal but Fun

Some evenings are a lot more formal than others, which means pulling out all the stops and dazzling with your dress sense. Depending on the occasion – from fundraiser to friend’s birthday – you’ll be expected to put in a certain amount of effort wardrobe-wise; there’s nothing like an important event to get people serious about glamming up more stylishly than ever. On your next formal night out, consider wearing something elegant but also a lil fun; no reason why you can’t have the best of both worlds, after all!

If you make a gorgeous velveteen dress the centrepiece of your formal night-out look, you won’t be left wanting for both style and sophistication. Pair with a beautiful black clutch bag to complete the perfect evening ensemble.

Nightclub Necessities

Chic, elevated and on-point – with a dress code designed to enhance the excitement, it’s imperative that your next club night outfit is an absolute banger. As far as fashion goes, this is the perfect time for you to throw caution to the wind and express yourself (and your style) in a way that shows just how high-energy you can be. Whether you’re seeing in the weekend with your squad or going desk to dancefloor on a budget, finding your dream nightclub look should always be something to enjoy.

When cocktail hour comes calling and DJs play to their hearts’ content, upgrade your night-out wardrobe with a bodycon dress and finish off with a gold studded clutch bag that’s simply stunning!

Gig Getups

Every gig is different, but the one thing they all have in common is how much hard work people put into looking their best for the event itself. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to see a stand-up show or your favourite band, dressing the part is key. In fact, it’s the ideal way to celebrate how totally into the whole scene you are! When your next night out means heading to a gig, create a vibrant look that’s full of colour, life and character.

Also, think about throwing over a cut-out cropped denim jacket before making your way to where it’s all happening. Believe us, nothing comes close as far as both stylishness and practicality are concerned.

Accessories for Any Occasion

Finally, we highly recommend accessorising before your big night out, regardless of what you have planned. Having the right accessories is important to help you look and feel your best when painting the town red. It’s all about making the right statement, so whether you want something subtle or striking, you should look for accessories that suit you as well as the occasion.

From polka dot purses to printed belts; studded wrist bands to spangly necklaces, there are plenty of accessories to wear on your next night out. Make it memorable by picking pieces that promise to turn heads for all the right reasons during your evening’s entertainment.

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