Summer is almost over (sad face!), which means we’re all starting to think about back-to-school fashion. Yes, it’s time to plan your new-term outfits, sort through last season’s wardrobe, and come up with some fresh new ideas that will really wow your classmates. Of course, all this sounds tricky if you’re on a budget. Lucky for you, there are a ton of easy-to-wear styles trending right now that basically require minimal cost – and effort.

Before the first day comes around, check out all the cutest looks you can easily emulate for back-to-school brilliance!

Chilled Out Tie-Dye

Tie-dye is a solid wardrobe staple – it goes with practically anything you can think of (seriously, try it). Because it comes in a number of colour combinations, patterns and intensities, tie-dye is the friend of every fashion-conscious freshman and style-savvy senior looking to make a great first impression back in class.

If you’re more of a ‘dip your toes into a trend’ kind of person, your best bet to pull off tie-dye is by keeping everything else pretty basic. A tie-dye T-shirt can easily pair with jeans, neutral trousers or a skirt. You can also go for the reverse, pairing tie-dye bottoms – one notch bolder than a tee – with something simple on top.

A Turn-Up Tracksuit

There’s no denying that tracksuits have been a bit of a fashion whirlwind in recent years, going from shoplifter-chic to loungewear to luxe Soho-House influencer vibe before anyone can blink. But the bottom line is, they’re totally on-trend right now; if you want to make a bold statement during back-to-school season, a tracksuit will definitely do that.

For some reason, a straightforward, sophisticated tracksuit just feels more put-together than regular sweatpants where back-to-school fashion is concerned. A sleek pair of plain jeans will also help create the perfect look should you only wish to showcase the jumper of your dreams.

Give Everyone the Slip

No, we don’t mean skip class on your first day back! We do, however, have strong feelings for slip dresses when it comes to school-season fashion – wear them under any jacket, over any T-shirt, or with any shoes and they always look cool. Social media influencers love wearing slip dresses, and there’s every chance you’ll enjoy just as much attention rocking up in one of these gorgeous pieces ready to take on the new term.

How elegant you want to be with your slip dress style is up to you; as a general rule, opt for an ensemble that can be accessorised easily while at the same time looking incredible from head to toe!

Ride the Retro Print Bandwagon

Retro prints, such as heritage checks and colourful icons, add an air of nostalgic sophistication to your wardrobe. And as for dress trends, ‘80s-inspired silhouettes and wallpaper florals are all over our social media feeds this back-to-school season. Just make sure you choose patterns that reflect that brand-new image you’re going for this upcoming term.

Think floral blouses paired with single-colour skirts that lead you well into autumn with style. Whatever shades you choose are up to you, but this type of outfit promises a level of versatility like no other.

Know Your Knitwear

Back-to-school season also means the weather will be getting chillier quite soon, so it’s always good to get ahead of the knitwear game before any unexpected cold snaps. Heading to class after the holidays wearing a confident cardigan or jacket is a must; it’ll show your commitment to practicality as well as style. Look out for pretty neutral colours; by pairing with other similar shades, you’ll create an ensemble that’s sure to put you at the top of the class!

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