Dresses are magical, just saying. Effortless, easy to wear and the answer to just about every clothing conundrum, the right dress can work wonders for your look. And midi and maxi dresses are the hottest of the hot right now.

Dominating both high-end and high-street fashion thanks to their comfort, versatility and variety, there’re plenty of options for the budget-conscious customer to slip into too. Whether weddings or weekends away; work parties or work conferences, midi and maxi dresses are ready and raring to make you look your stylish best. Check out practical and pretty pieces that will work around the clock, no matter what the occasion.

Check YOU Out

Check prints are a casual staple that everyone relies on, but there’s no reason why yours shouldn’t be sensational. And a maxi dress is one surefire way to achieve stylish perfection. Creating a more defined silhouette, any checkered maxi dress will bring out the best in your figure while simultaneously looking visually fantastic. Wherever you go, you’re sure to crush it with one of these pieces at the centre of your ensemble.

To get the check look you’ve always wanted, choose something simple yet sophisticated, like a pinafore dress. Match with single-colour trainers and complementary accessories to get heads turning for all the right reasons.

Take the Plunge

Plunging necklines are nothing new on the red carpet, but now they’re making a massive impression on everyday wardrobes as well. In fact, the pattern seems to be emerging that the deeper the V, the better. However, there are a few pointers to bear in mind if you’re thinking about taking the plunge. Think ‘70s-style glamour – dresses that flash an alluring curve rather than being excessively full-on. Nowadays, keeping things subtle yet chic is the balance you should aim for.

As such, it is definitely worth opting for a cut-out piece that showcases the very best of the plunge style. Complement with a furry bag and shoes for a uniquely eye-catching look.

Go Geo

Like so many enduring styles, geometric patterns are once again hot in fashion right now. On dresses, they are perfect for nailing a fresh, modern look that makes a bold statement wherever you’re going, whatever your plans. Triangles, octagons, and trapezoids may not have seemed interesting at all during maths lessons, but on a print? They’re totally hip. And, more importantly, trending from catwalk to closet!

An off-shoulder geo-print midi is exactly what you need to capitalise on this sizzling new style; complete with a wide-brim hat and matching shoes, and don’t forget your clutch bag!

Try a Tent Dress

Billowing, breezy and perfect for when you want to wear something a little looser fitting, the tent dress is a true style icon of the modern age. Suitable for everything from garden parties to graduation ceremonies, this occasion-worthy item has the versatility you’ve always wanted for your wardrobe. Because of its vibrancy and appeal, nothing (and nowhere) is off the table when it comes to deciding where best to impress with such a beautiful, elegant type of dress.

For an ensemble that not only speaks to your individual sense of style but also promises to be the envy of all your social circle, choose a tent dress in an Aztec print. Pair with plain sandals and step out looking more sophisticated than ever.

Make Your Outfit Multi-Tonal

Tonal dressing – that is, dressing from head-to-toe in multiple shades of the same colour or sporting the same hue from top to bottom – is all the rage at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. There is something outwardly cool about dressing this way; the look emanates subtle sartorial confidence. Think about incorporating a flared multi-tonal tent dress into your wardrobe for a fun, fabulous outfit that’s sure to put a smile on all faces – especially yours!

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