It’s autumn, which is as good an excuse as any to invest in some new shoes. It helps to tell yourself that there’s some practical rationale behind a seasonally inspired wardrobe reboot – cold weather really does demand a new winter coat – but let’s face it, the acquisition of new shoes often has little to do with meteorological considerations. Our Autumn trend picks offer varying degrees of practicality and comfort, from chunky combat boots to dainty Mary Janes and shows that there should be a footwear trend to suit everyone this season.

Chunky boots

‘Chunky boots’ is open to interpretation but let’s be very clear, we’re talking proper, super-sturdy, lug soled boots here. The fact that fashion insiders are using the phrase ‘combat boot trend’ should leave you in little doubt that this look is tough and faintly militaristic. The trend owes a lot to Prada’s AW19 collection which showcased big, tough as nails black boots, often of the knee-high variety.

Block heel loafers

Loafers were big news a few seasons ago and look set to enjoy a renaissance in the coming months, albeit in a slightly elevated form. The loafer is a solid autumn shoe – sturdy but not lacking in elegance – and the addition of a bit of height brings with it a dressier feel and a subtle twist on a classic flat shape.

Mary Janes

Footwear silhouettes don’t get more iconic than the classic single strap Mary Jane. It’s a template that’s taken many forms over the years and such shape-shifting versatility has undoubtedly played a part in its enduring popularity. This season’s Mary Janes should take a playful approach to the classic style, subverting any twee associations with adventurous design touches.


This season’s platform trend rides in on a wave of 90s revivalism, although of course, the 90s platform trend was similarly indebted to the 70s. Such is the cyclical nature of fashion. Either way, the current platform trend is all about bold chunky styling and fabulously OTT elevation. Platforms come in many shapes and styles but why not embrace a go big or go home approach and rock something especially glam and towering.

Mismatched shoes

The mismatched shoes trend may sound like a satirical joke devised to troll fashion cynics, but we’re here to tell you that it’s a real thing that can actually look pretty cool. The concept is simple – your shoes don’t match. But, unlike an anxiety dream in which you suddenly realise you’re wearing mismatched shoes to a job interview, there’s a method behind this madness. The key is to wear the same style on both feet, but in a different colour. This allows you to play with colours and create a fun, eye-catching look. The obvious downside is that you have to buy two pairs of the same shoe. Which would be frivolous in the extreme… Unless both pairs were £5.

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